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Aerospace component manufacturing course


As an aerospace parts manufacturer, SAT takes pleasure in educating students with passion in the aerospace industry, driving them to play an active role in the future to come. We were fortunate to be provided with an opportunity to do so at the Thai Austrian Technical College, where we spent a full weekend interacting with the students on the topic of aerospace component manufacturing methodologies.

The course, designed to directly answer the desire to learn more about the current manufacturing processes, included topics detailing the forming, welding, machining, chemical removal processes used in manufacturing the components. Learning through visualizing the processes has been a key ingredient in capturing students' attention and keeping them motivated to explore more.

We believe that the best way to learn is to make learning practical; by accentuating it with carefully placed workshops, we are convinced that the students have absorbed the material taught quicker and more efficiently. SAT is hopeful that to receive more opportunities to provide such learning experiences to the talented youth!