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5S Internal Audit


Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain; 5 key components jointly known as “5S”, is one of the key practices aimed at achieving lean transformation within any organization. 5S can be implemented anywhere, whether it would on a shop floor or in the office area. By making sense of the space utilization, for example, logically placing tools based on where and how frequently they are needed, or even sorting things on the office desk and removing anything that does not belong there, one can greatly improve productivity.

5S not only transforms a workplace through visual improvements, it also enhances safety and quality by embracing the “Lean” way of thinking. For the month of December, a 5S Internal Audit was conducted by SAT’s CEO, Simon Shale, along with our Quality Manager, Pongpaiboon Akapaiboon, around our factory and in the office area.